Mermaids for Conservation

We're on a mission

Living a plastic-free mermaid life; thru public appearances, mermaid swim classes, and synchronized swimming shows, we are a global team of conservation mermaids united for a purpose. We swim and freedive to educate, entertain, and inspire folks to join our movement for ecofriendly living, business practices, and tourism. See below for our Mermaid Recommended Ecofriendly products and swim with us!

Global team acting locally

Do you have a merDentity, a mermaid  business, or pod of mermaids committed to taking action in your community? Sign up for membership  now to receive your customized logo and  represent your home waters! We support and unite brands, products, and organizations to help local families and businesses transition to zero waste living and ecofriendly tourism. With a team of conservation mermaids on the same wave yet working locally all across the globe, we ensure our conservation mermaid mission will have a deep impact to reduce single-use plastics worldwide ~ our oceans win!

Ride our plastic-free wave

Connecting your local actions with our global conservation mermaid community means we all amplify our impact and unite in a worldwide movement to save our seas - follow us on instagram @mermaids4conservation!

mermaid recommended ecofriendly products

SlipIns SPF Clothing

Slip Ins Sun Protective Clothing

As beautiful and luxurious as 2 pearls in one oyster, SlipIns 60+ SPF clothing protects you from the sun, and by reducing the amount of sunscreen required, protects the reef from potentially harmful chemicals. 

Use discount code MERMAID to slip in to yours!

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Raw Love Sunscreen

Raw Love natural organic reef safe sunscreen

It's not just because of the logo, we adore Raw Love sunscreen for the plastic-free packaging, and because it's made with organically farmed 100% all natural ingredients. That makes it reef-friendly!

Discount code coming soon!!!

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Strawesome Glass Straws

Strawesome Glass Drinking Straws

You don't have to give up your straw! These strawesome glass straws  are surprisingly strong and durable, and come with a lifetime warranty ~ help protect our ocean friends in your style!

Be strawesome, use coupon code MERMAIDS  !

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Tree Tribe Water Bottles

Tree Tribe Eco Water Bottles

Being half human, of course we mermaids take care of the land too! With these Tree Tribe eco-bottles, a tree is planted for each purchase; and you help reduce plastic  pollution ~ talk about a win on land AND sea! 

Get the vibe w discount code MERMAIDMX10 !

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Yoga Totems Mats

Yoga Totems Ecofriendly Yoga Mats

Not only do these Yoga Totems mats ignite a spark to connect to your wild side, they are also ecofriendly, made of all natural and sustainable materials,  and support conservation causes with every purchase!

Namaste ~ use discount code MERMAIDS

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4 Ocean Bracelets


Show your support in style! By purchasing a 4Ocean bracelet, you will remove one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. Buy your monthly subscription to pull a pound and receive a new bracelet each month!

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Monthly Conservation Mermaid Message coming soon!

Mermaid Life ~ Ecofriendly living

Beeswax Food Wraps

Ecofriendly Beeswax Food Wrap

Zero waste living couldn't be easier. Beeswax food wraps are the absolute best alternative to plastic bags for sandwiches or snacks. They also replace plastic wrap to cover food containers, and keep fruits, cheese, or bread fresh in the fridge or freezer!

You can easily find a trusted source where you live. In Mexico, we love Apitela  !

Reusable Bags

Ecofriendly Plastic-free Reusable Bags

With bans on plastic happening all across the globe, switching to a reusable bag instead of plastic is  inevitable! Good thing there are so many  fabulous options to choose from ~ they are no longer the ugly things they used to be!

In Cozumel, we feel lucky to have Dun Can multi-function and produce cloth bags. They show commitment to the community by employing only local seamstress' to create a fun,  unique, ecofriendly fashion statement!

Plastic-free Beauty

Ecofriendly All Natural Beauty

Natural beauty has never been so sexy and plastic-free. Have you discovered solid shampoos, soaps, deodorant and lotions? Find your favorite local vendor! In Mexico, we love Indra Ecosmética  ~ the all natural, solid, vegan, hand-made beauty products that nurture your skin, hair, and life. 

Their shampoos and conditioners even work miracles for the sun and salt damaged hair of a mermaid! 

Ecofriendly Monthly

Reusable Pads and Menstrual Cups

Don't worry, a little bit of homework goes a long way ~ there are so many options to choose from, just figure out what is best for you!

Whether it be with the use of reusable cloth pads, and/or a menstrual cup, reduce your monthly impact on the environment by using products like Topsy Daisy

Package-free Groceries

Zero Waste Market Cozumel

Get back to basics and leave the packaging behind! Use reusable containers for purchasing groceries, restocking cleaning supplies, and don't forget your plastic-free necessities like toothbrushes and razors!

We are lucky to have Cozumel's 1st zero-waste market, Basicos Mercadito  Cero ~ they  are committed to helping us live a simpler, less wasteful lifestyle. 

Recycling Service

Hazlo Hoy Recycling Cozumel

Reputable recycling services are responsible for ensuring tons of recyclable trash won't make it to landfill, ocean, or jungle ~ no matter where you live, it is worth it to investigate options in your hometown! 

Here in Cozumel, it's Hazlo Hoy ~ that translates to "Do It Today"; and they did just that in creating this non-profit foundation that is the island's 1st link between people and places for recycling!

save our seas

Your support and contributions will enable us to help protect our oceans. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

from plastic TO PRODUCT

Adidas ~ Parley

Adidas Parley

Using up-cycled plastic waste from beaches and coastlines, Parley Ocean Plastic is put to excellent use to  create adidas products made of recycled water bottles and fish nets. 

adidas also supports education and communication programs, including Parley's Ocean Plastic Program designed to end marine plastic pollution.

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Waterlust SPF clothing made from recycled plastic

We totally dig the advocate apparel available thru Waterlust. Their tops, water shorts, and leggings are perfect for an aquatic lifestyle ~ but we especially love that they contain SPF and are made from recycled water bottles!

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Shore Buddies

Shore Buddies stuffed animals made from recycled plastic water bottles

Plastic never looked so cute! Each of these cuddly Shore Buddies stuffed animals are made from 6 recycled plastic water bottles. They are a perfect example of how we can eliminate the already existing plastic pollution. 


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Rothy's Sustainable Shoewear

Stylish and sustainable machine washable shoes made from plastic water bottles destined for landfills. These crazy comfortable flats by Rothy's are designed to keep up with you wherever you go ~ and there is just the style for any occasion!

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Green Toys

Green Toys Ecofriendly toys made from recycled milk jugs

Because the lessons of zero-waste living start early, companies like Green Toys are leading the way to ensure future generations grow up with an ecofriendly mindset!

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Ocean Zen

Ocean Zen Sustainable Swimwear

Your bikini has never been so connected to the water. Ocean Zen takes fishing nets and plastic bottle waste to transform them into swimwear that looks great, feels amazing, and is good  for our planet!

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